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HOPE is an Australian charity that started in June 2015 in Adelaide. HOPE Charitable Foundation is made up of a bunch of cousins who couldn’t sit back anymore and witness the suffering of people both locally and globally but instead wanted to take an active role in helping people in need. 

We are so proud to be a registered Australian Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC).
Setting up the charity involved a lot of learning along the way. What registrations do we need? Do we need licences? What type of entity do we set up? With so many charities out there and not knowing who to trust or where donations are going, it was really important for us to set up a transparent, ethical and trusted charity.

We started off just wanting to help anyone in need and the many worthy causes out there but soon realised that the world and the scale of need that exists was far too big. So we decided to run individual projects focused on one cause at a time. Our first project is the Syria Project focused on helping those living in Syria that are hungry, with no home or clothing and little to no hope.

Helping the people of Syria is very close to our hearts. Much of our family history is embedded in Syria – it is where our parents and grandparents were born and many of our family members are still living there. We will always remain committed to the Syria projects and we know that with our unwavering commitment and dedication, we would find a way to help, and we did.

Although we are very much focused on assisting the Syrian people, we are also acutely aware of the many people in need in our own communities. For this reason, in all of our work we intend to support projects both locally and globally.


Our Team is a group of everyday people, living everyday lives, with a shared desire to make a difference in the world. We each offer our individual skills and strengths to the foundation, as well as our time, to ensure that the donations you make go directly to assisting those who need it most.

Yvonne Chahhoud

Yvonne Chahhoud


I have always had a strong desire to help others. I have always felt fortunate. My parents left their country behind, their family, their friends and everything they've ever known, all for a better life. They did this not just for themselves, but for us, their children. Every day I am extremely grateful to have the life I have today. With a career in Sales & Marketing, I contribute these skills to the charity.

Michael Toubia

Michael Toubia


As a proud Australian and a son of Syrian born parents I have recently seen poverty and suffering in a third world country first hand. This has motivated me to surround myself with like minded people to make a difference to those who are in need.

Johnny Toubia

Johnny Toubia

Committee Member

For me, nothing feels better than putting a smile on someone’s face and I get a real kick out of enabling others to achieve their goals. I currently work as a research scientist in cancer biology; I have an amazing wife and three amazing kids and consider myself very fortunate. Being asked to devote my time and skills to such a worthy foundation is a dream come true!

Ben Schar

Ben Schar

Committee Member

Responding to those in need and working towards social justice has always been important to me in both my personal and professional life. I believe in the power of collective action in order to facilitate change for those who need it most, which is what HOPE is all about.

Diala Barbour

Diala Barbour

Committee Member

I am a Syrian refugee who arrived to Australia in February 2015. I have spent 4 years living the war before I fled with my family to Lebanon and then to Australia. I know what it means to lose everything and start all over again. Because of my determination to give back to the Australian community I worked hard to join the University of Adelaide to study nursing because I believe that I will make difference to this world.



We sincerely appreciate the generosity of our volunteers who helped get the foundation underway, through donating their time, energy and professional expertise. We also appreciate the ongoing support of many other volunteers who dedicate their weekends to help wherever needed. Without their constant support we would not be here today making a difference.


Our Mission

Inspiring Hope When All Seems Lost.

Our Vision

To inspire HOPE in those whose futures are uncertain, to achieve independence in one or more areas of their lives.

Our Brand

All people deserve to have hope and each individual has the capacity to inspire hope in others. Just as there is no one distinct way of inspiring hope, there is no exclusive interpretation of the HOPE logo. Instead of being constrained by a single meaning, we have left it open to a number of interpretations, some of which we have captured below;



HOPE Desires Stability

The solid hexagonal blocks represent building blocks, while the partially formed blocks and fragmented pieces represent the process of rebuilding and gaining stability. The earthy colours represent the many lands people come from, while the blue represents the sea that many people cross with the hope of building a better life.

HOPE Strives for Freedom

The solid hexagonal blocks represent the heavy burden of despair, while the fragmented pieces represent birds flying away to freedom. Alternatively, the birds are flying towards the solid hexagonal blocks, having found freedom, where they land and together rebuild.

HOPE Embodies Compassion

The letter ‘H’ formation of the hexagonal blocks represents two people holding hands. The person on the left is fragmented, broken and without hope, while the person on the right is stable, whole and bringing hope to the other. This image of people helping people is central to what HOPE is all about.

HOPE Inspires Collective Action

The hexagonal blocks are a reference to honeycomb built by bees to store honey. It represents the power of people working collectively with a shared vision and commitment to taking an active role in helping those in need.


We would love to hear from you

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We are so proud to be a registered Australian Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC).

HOPE is simply focused on supporting those in need, regardless of their race, gender, politics or religious beliefs. Although HOPE was born in response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, this is only one of the ongoing projects being undertaken by the foundation.




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